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Umniah Facility Management a subsidiary of Emirates Business Group (EBG) is distinctive among its peers by bringing together the best practices of the facility management industry. While facility management companies have traditionally faced a trade-off between great service and affordable pricing, Umniah uses an innovative approach that brings its customers excellence in both crucial areas. Umniah Facilities give clients the option of using a single supplier for all their maintenance and manpower needs. Budgeting, communications and accountability are fully streamlined. This simplicity gives you both peace-of-mind and the advantage of clearer planning.


We measure our success by looking into the future, carving out new niches within the markets that we serve. The UAE envisions a progressive nation providing a strong platform to nurture and develop thriving businesses. Having this vision in mind, EBG was created to harness opportunities and strive towards fulfilling the national agenda. We have established businesses that support development and growth of emerging industries in the country. In our early years, we saw ourselves making forays into real estate, industry and agriculture sectors, which were crucial to the nation's development. Our aim is to achieve better business and innovation through strategic investments and by supporting emerging sectors. We now stand as one of the leading national conglomerates with more than 10,000 employees working for us. We have made tremendous progress since our inception and we owe it to all our key contributors, right from our suppliers, customers, business partners, investors and last but not the least, our great staff. We look forward to many more decades of success with our team by our side.
H.E. Mr. Abdul Jaleel Al Blouki


To become an exemplar Facilities Management provider in the UAE. We want to build close working relationships with all of our Clients with the highest degree of mutuality, trust and openness whilst embracing innovation and sustainability. OUR MISSION - Umniah aim to provide the highest degree of quality and customer service for our Clients. Our skilled and highly trained staff shall be motivated and driven to not accept the mediocrity that is 'Customer satisfaction' but shall strive to delight our Customer's at every opportunity.


We at Umniah Facilities Management recognize the vital role of each employee. Thus, we develop and maintain a total quality culture that facilitates each employee's drive for excellence. We believe that all of us are responsible for:

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the people we employ. Umniah management team of professionals includes individuals experienced in finance, construction, civil engineering, facilities management, and real estate services. Our dedicated team of employees brings a wide range of expertise to the attentive care of each facility. Our highly trained professionals are experienced in handling many levels of service, management, maintenance, and repair. Supported by 24-hour coverage and sophisticated two-way communication systems, our professionals respond 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Exceptional, responsive service is our highest priority. Our long-term management relationships with numerous customers are evidence of our superior client service.


Mr. Mohamad Abdul Jaleel Al Blooki

Is a highly sought industry leader. Clients enjoy his uniquely practical approach and "real-life" solutions. Mohammad's combination of technical, legal, and industry-wide expertise provide a wonderful balance of practical and strategic thinking. With experience in Agriculture & preservation, Forest and Landscaping, Contracting and Construction, Industry and Manufacturing, General Trade, Hospitality, Real Estate Management and Facilities, Information technology, Logistic and Retail, Mohammad's provides an unparalleled depth of experience. His insight and extensive experience in every segment of our industry ensure that you have a balanced and hands-on perspective.

Mr. Thair Al Farajeh

Thair has more than 10 years of experience in the facilities Management Industry. With his dedication and passion, Umniah Facilities grew into one of the region's leading facility service company. His hands-on approach and obsession with client service are the hallmarks of his leadership. Thair works closely with key managers to ensure that services are being delivered in the most efficient and effective manner and that Umniah consistently exceed customer expectations. He is also involved in all aspects of strategic planning and is responsible for the creation and implementation of marketing strategies for the company. He is also responsible for creating business alliances and the development of large regional opportunities to ensure the company is positioned for long-term stable growth.